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Headquarted in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Hunter Douglas is a publicly traded holding company worldwide. Hunter Douglas Group was founded in 1919 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The group mainly engages in the manufacturing, marketing, and serivce of architectural products and window covering products, as well as the metal fabrication, precise machinery, production, futures exchange of metal and more. The strong brands of Hunter Douglas include Luxalon, Techstyle, NBK, 3form, and Luxaflex.


Al Dhabi False Ceilings specialized in false ceilings and partition works, the sole agent for Hunter Douglas ceilings in Egypt, now becoming the sole licensee for manufacturing Hunter Douglas different types of ceilings in Egypt, supplier for Africa and the Middle East.


HD Linear 84R.png



The 84R ceiling system consists of round edged panels (1) which can be easily clipped on a carrier (3). Panels can be joing using the panel splice (6). The 16mm joint can be filled with a flush join profile (2) to form closed ceiling appearance.



The panel carrier (3) is provided with prongs to accommodate the panels in a standard module of 100mm. All carriers have a standard length 5000mm and are connected by using the carrier splice (5). Curved ceilings can be achieved by using a flexible carrier or by curving the panels.



The Multi panel ceiling system consists of box-shaped panels in 4 varying widths standard height (15 mm). With this system, there is a possibility to create a ceiling design with different widths in one ceiling.



The panel carrier (5) is provided with prongs to accommodate the panels in a module of 50 mm or a multiple of this module, carriers are joined by using the carrier splice (6).

V100/V200 Screen Ceiling.png



ceiling. The panels (1 & 2) come in either 101 mm high (V100) or 200 mm high (V200) and clip easily to the carrier (3). The stove floatingThe Luxalon V100/V200 screen ceiling system is a lightweight, enamelled panels and carriers are lightweight and recyclable. Panels are made to measure and available in any length up to 6000 mm. Select from white or black panel carrier (3). The carrier is made of 0.95 mm thick stove-enamelled aluminium and includes prongs to accommodate the panels in a 100 mm, 150 mm, or 200 mm module. The carriers have a standard length of 5000 mm and are connected using the carrier splice (5). The clear PVC fixing clips (6) are used to secure the V100 panels in exterior applications.




The Hunter Douglas 84R panel system is a classic system ideal for straight, curved or angled facade applications and has an elegant and light appearance with smooth rounded edges.



Hunter Douglas 84R panel system is easy and quick to install with very few tools required. When the steel wall brackets* are fitted to the façade, the carrier profiles with (pre-fixed) brackets and spacers or stringers slide over the wall brackets and are easily fixed with a bolt-through connection. The C-shaped panels (in full length) are locked on to the brackets. A wide range of carrier profiles with fixed or variable modulation is available to ensure that optimal shading angles and openness are achieved for each application. 84R panel systems can also be used as ventilated facades.

HD Tiles.png



Luxalon lay-In &Lay-On Tiles are designed to be installed in conventional T-Grid systems with T-Bar 24 mm. By pushing the tile upwards, all types provide easy access to the plenum without the use of special tools. The exposed T-Grid of Luxalon Lay-In & Lay- On Tiles enhances the modular design pattern. Luxalon Lay-In & Lay-On Tiles provide easy access by lifting and tilting the ceiling tiles. They are ideal for situations where regular maintenance or service is required to services above ceilings. Because the Luxalon Lay-In and Lay-On system offer easy access and adaptability, lighting and services can be conveniently repositioned.

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